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How to correct tight hip flexors

What Exactly Are Tight Hip Flexors? First, understand what the hip flexors are, what they do, and how you know when they’re tight. The term hip flexors refers to a group of muscles in and around the hips that help move the legs and the trunk together, as when you lift your leg up, bending at the hip. The Hip

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Spotlight: Brazilian Jiujitsu Star Gordon Ryan photos, clips and quotes |

“I think you can toe the line between talking trash and being respectful. There’s a difference between marketing yourself and being an *******.”  – Gordon Ryan “I’m always very nice, always smiling, and I always make time for fans. No matter how many people want to take pictures or ask questions, I always make time.”  – Gordon Ryan “If you

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Spotlight: Dana Linn Bailey photos and quotes |

“If you have discipline, drive and determination… Nothing is impossible” – Dana Linn Bailey “My Advice to everybody is to never feel like you are better than anyone else. At some point. We were all beginners!” – Dana Linn Bailey “…That’s what I want to do.  I want to get out there and I want to show girls it’s ok

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