3 Ways Deadlifts Increase Vertical Jump Performance

1. Deadlifts Correctly Replicate the Position You Jump From:
The body position of someone performing a vertical jump and the bottom position of a deadlift are practically identical. Becoming more powerful in this position during deadlifts have been shown to transfer to vertical jump performance.

2. Deadlifts Have Been Proven To Increase the Rate of Force Development:
The science backs up the efficacy of using deadlifts for increased vertical jump performance. In a study split into two groups of novice individuals, there was a control and training group. The training group was given deadlifts two times a week for 10 weeks using 5 sets of 5 twice a week. The training group managed to increase their vertical jump height on average by over 7%.

3. Deadlifts Increase Tendon Stiffness:
Deadlifts are a powerful and effective strength exercise that can cause changes in the quality of the muscle as well as the tendons. Strength training in general has been shown to increase tendon stiffness.

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