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“I learned to have persistence, discipline and became a champion” – Eva Andressa

“I am very grateful to the sport, but it is difficult to live as an athlete in our country. I only started to earn some money when I became a fitness model” – Eva Andressa

“It is through hard work that you find success” – Eva Andressa

“I want to continue passing on to people the importance of leaving the sedentary lifestyle to practice physical activities and a healthy diet” – Eva Andressa

Eva Andressa gym motivation scr12“I love the people who want to change their lifestyle and become fit and healthy” – Eva Andressa

“All of us are able to realize our dreams, however impossible they may seem” – Eva Andressa

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  • Retired Olympic Lifter here, 66 yr. old male. Nothing but RESPECT to you. Also retired Marine! OOhh-RRAAHHH, Many more years of Work, and Health to you my young woman!…Keep Motivating others!

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